Gourmet Marshmellows  
              & Dorset Honey Nougat
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If you are looking for a delicious new taste idea, and want something as natural as possible.....if you want to       enjoy real flavours.... 

             ..... then you've found the right place!!


We use real flavouring ingredients  in our Marshmellows, eg lemon juice, coffee beans, Belgian chocolate, fresh fruits in season, with NO artificial flavours or colours, and NO preservatives

They are:

Marshmallows but mellower!!!

Dorset Honey Nougat:

Made with honey from Field Honey Farm in Swanage and packed full of nuts, fruit and other delicious ingredients.


All our products are hand-made by Gavin in our family kitchen and have been thoroughly tested by various accommodating friends!!

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     Contact Jackie and Gavin:           07793055873  or  01202 882250

     Please call us if you have any                      problems ordering                or to arrange for a personal   message to be included.

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 If you have some questions about our Marshmellows then please check out our Questions page or 
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 If you are planning to try to make your own marshmallows, then you can buy gelatine on our ingredients website: 



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