Gourmet Marshmallows - the Mellow Way!
 (And Dorset Honey Nougat!!)

 * NEW!!         Salted Peanut Nouat                                          Chocolate Nougat

 If you are looking for a delicious new taste idea, and want something as natural as possible...if you want to enjoy real flavours without chemical additives... 

               ..... then you've found the right place!!

We use real flavouring ingredients  in our Marshmellows, eg lemon juice, coffee beans, Belgian chocolate, fresh fruits in season, mulled wine and spiced orange in winter, and NO artificial flavours or colours and NO preservatives to make our delicious confectionary items. You might recognise them as Gourmet Marshmallows, but we  call them MARSHMELLOWS!

(To the uninitiated they might appear just like any other sweets with the title of Gourmet Marshmallows, but because they are so much more mellow than that, we thought that they deserved their own spelling! ).


With no wheat, gluten, nuts or dairy products, they are ideal for people with allergies... but, sadly, not yet suitable for vegetarians...we are working on that !!

We are also currently working on our new flavours for the summer, and coating some of our flavours in Chocolate!!.

Our very special Marshmallows are hand-made by Gavin in our family kitchen and have been thoroughly tested by various accommodating friends!!

Our Marshmallows can be:
  - eatGourmet_Marshmallow_BBQen as they are
  - toasted
  - added to hot chocolate
  - used with a chocolate 
  - stirred into ice-cream
      -  tell us how you like to eat them!

Contact Jackie and Gavin: 07793055873



 If you have some questions about our Marshmellows then please check out our Questions page or email us.



 If you are planning to try to make your own marshmallows, then you can buy gelatine on our ingredients website: 


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