Include a personal message or label with a gift purchase.

Just email us or phone and let us know what message you would like included.
We could also include a card, for a small extra charge.
We can also personalise a bag label; again, just get in touch and tell us what you would like.

We can add ribbon to your bags too,Marshmallows for a special order if you’d like us to, to make them look that little bit more special – just get in touch

Let them melt on the top of a hot drink

For something different try Coconut with Hot Chocolate, or be brave and drop in some Chilli Chocolate Marshmellows!!


Using Lime & Chilli Marshmallows

Lime & Chilli Marshmellows….so why should you buy some and how could you use them to add zing to your tastebuds?

On their own, they are an interesting ‘nibble’ to have with beer or cider but what about….

  • eating them with shellfish! It sounds odd, but they really enhance the taste of such delicacies as prawns and cockles – you could try combining them as an appetiser or canape
  • chopping them up and adding them to a Thai Salad… they will add an interesting texture, as well as elements of hot, sweet and sour to the dish.

And if you have any other ideas, please let us know!!

Lime & Chilli

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