Marshmallow FAQs

Check out these FAQ about our Marshmallow products.

Q: What are your Marshmallows made with?

We are passionate about using natural ingredients to flavour our Marshmallows, so that they are a real Gourmet Marshmallow treat.

For example, our Vanilla is a Bourbon Madagascan Vanilla, our fruit (eg strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries) is  obtained locally whenever possible, we use a French caramel and Cornish sea salt

All our marshmallows contain gelatine, so are not suitable for vegetarians, however we are working hard to produce vegetarian versions. Our Marshmallows contain no preservatives – but sadly, like most confectionary items, they are not calorie free!

Sometimes we coat our Marshmallows in Chocolate Vermicelli, sugar strands etc, and these may contain artificial colours or preservatives, so please check the ingredients list if this concerns you.

Q: Why does the colour of your Marshmallows fade?

We don’t use any artificial colouring in our Marshmallows, which means that the colours tend to fade in the light. When you bite into one you will sometimes notice that the colour inside is more intense than that on the outside – this is perfectly normal, and shows that we haven’t used artificial colours in our products.

Q: Do you supply Marshmallows for weddings?

Yes, we can supply them ‘loose’ so that you can make up your own favours, and we can also make up Wedding Favours for you, with or without curling ribbon or labels – just get in touch with us and we’ll do whatever we can to help to make your day special.

Some people also like to provide marshmallows for evening guests to toast over a fire.

Can your Marshmallows be toasted?

Toasted_marshmallows_-_Marshmellow_delight[1]Yes, they can!

They have a relatively low melting point and will go deliciously soft and gooey well before they will burn.
If you want them to caramelize on the outside,then we suggest that you use an open flame…we sometimes use a creme brulee blowtorch when we want a lovely even colour for a special dessert topping.

Do your Marshmallows melt well onto hot chocolate?

Cappuccino_Marshmallows_in_Cappuccino_-_a_Marshmellow_treat.[1]Absolutely YES!

They melt beautifully onto hot drinks.

For something different try Coconut with Hot Chocolate, or be brave and drop in some Chilli Chocolate Marshmallows!!


Do you do special orders?


mothers-day-marshmallow-packagingSpecially packaged Marshmallows are available, so please contact us by email if you would like one or more of these as part of your order.

We can also supply personalised labels.

If I order, how long will they take to arrive?

As our marshmallows are a fresh product, hand made to order, it may take up to five working days before we post your order.

How long will your Marshmallows last?

There are no artificial preservatives in our mellow marshmallows, so, unlike most mass-produced confectionary they need to be treated as a fresh product.

People differ in how soft they like their Mallows to be.
We suggest:
4 weeks for chocolate varieties,
5 weeks for fruit flavours, Coconut and Cappuccino
6 weeks for Vanilla, Toasted Coconut and Salted Caramel.

Some people like them to have a bit of a ‘crust’ with a slightly more chewy centre, and so buy them to keep for a few months to achieve this!!

Can your Marshmallows be frozen?

Yes they can; in or out of their bags.

They don’t freeze completely solid, so don’t panic about that!

When you defrost them whilst still in their bag, there will possibly be a bit of condensation on, or even in, the bag; just leave them somewhere out of the sun and that should disappear fairly quickly. Marshmallows like ours also work well in frozen desserts, like home-made ice-cream.

What about Allergies?

Although  our mellow marshmallows  are made with gluten free ingredients, they are not made in an allergen free kitchen and so anyone with food allergies should avoid them – sorry!

Our Salted Caramel Marshmallows contain milk products.

Do you supply shops, cafes etc?

Yes, with bags of Marshmallows,  or loose Marshmallows at a wholesale price for larger orders.


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