Marshmallows for your Wedding

Our Marshmallows make great Wedding Favours.

Wedding favours are a traditional part of the special day. if you’re thinking of having some Gourmet Marshmallows for your favours, you could make up your own with loose marshmallows, or order some from us, we’re happy to add any curling ribbons or labels that you provide, and your own selection of Marshmallow flavours.

We also sell based bags courtesy of our other business, MM Ingredients – click here to buy them.

Marshmallows as wedding favours.Marshmallows as wedding favoursMiss Marshmellow wedding favour Marshmallows
Marshmallows for wedding favours

My daughter used Coconut and Raspberry Marshmallows in her wedding favours – a subtle and delicious variation on the commercial ‘pink and white’!!

Abi and Andy Marshmallow Wedding favours Marshmallow Wedding favours for Abi and AndyMarshmallow wedding favours for Abi and Andy

You can read about it here.

You could have a toasting station or serve them at a BBQ.

You could order  Marshmallows loose and serve them in bowls, with sticks for a BBQ, or think about having an elegant toasting station…



 If you are planning to have a toasting station, then you can buy some skewers from us. Click here to order.

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