Dorset Honey NougatDelicious Dorset Honey Nougat.

Our Dorset Honey Nougat is hand-made with honey from Field Honey Farm in Swanage, Dorset and packed full of nuts, fruit and other delicious ingredients.

We make it by hand, allow it to set in traditional wooden trays, and cut it carefully into slices.

Some  varieties, mainly the nutty ones, are hard and chewy, others tend to be softer. 

Our growing range includes: several fruit and nut varieties, some that contain only nuts, including our popular Pistachio and Almond, and our unusual Caribbean Nougat made with Papaya, Pumpin seeds and Rum-soaked Cocoa nibs!!

We are proud that we have won Great Taste Awards and Taste of the West Awards for some of our nougat varieties.


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